AUTOMATIC mechanical movement SEIKO/SII NH05B DATE 

Hour + Minute + Center-Second + Date


- Size: 7 3/4''', diam.17.50 mm or 8 3/4''', diam.19.80 mm (with dial support)
- Height: 5.92 mm
- Static accuracy per Day: - 35 + 55 sec
- Isochronisms per Day: - 35 + 35 sec
- Posture difference: under 90 sec
- Running time: more than 40 hours
- Vibration frequency: 21'600 per Hour
- Jewels: 21 pcs
- Lift angle: 52 degree
- Antimagnetic:  DC => 4800 A/m
- Quick date correction
- Winding with ball bearing


1. Pull the crown out to the 2nd click-position.
2. Turn the crown to set the hour and minute hands. (Check that AM/PM is set correctly)
3. Push the crown back into the normal position, the second hand begins to run.
1. Pull the crown out to the 1st click-position.
2. Turn the crown to left for date setting.
- Do not set the calendar between 10:00 PM and 1:00 AM. If the setting is made during this period, the date will not change to the next date.
3. After the date has been set, push the crown back to the normal position.
- Rotate the crown clockwise at the normal position for about 55 times for full charging. 

SOLAR quartz movement                                EPSON VS17A

Hour + Minute + Center-Second

1. Movement dimension 
Size (ligne):   5 1/2'''
Height (mm):   2.79

2. Time Standard

Frequency of quartz oscillator:    32'768 Hz
Accuracy:   + - 20 seconds per month
Operating temperature range:   - 5 degrees C to + 50 degrees C

3. Indicator / Functions
3 Hands with Reset switch:    Hour / Minute / Second
Setting mechanism / MANUAL:  - Crown at normal position: Free
- Crown pulled out 1st click: Time setting / Reset

Power depletion warning function:  Second-hand moves at 2-second intervals when voltage is 1.10V
Running time:   Approx. 6 months (After fully charged)

4. Features

Jewels:  2 Jewels 

Anti-magnetism:  Over 1'600A/m (Direct current magnetic field) Driving current consumption Approx. 0.40microA (1.35V)
Operation stopping voltage:  1.0 V
Solar Cell type:   Amorphous silicon solar cell 

5. Secondary Battery. This secondary battery is without any environmentally harmful substances! Do never set and charge a silver oxide battery, there is a possibility of battery explosion!

Type:  Titanium-lithium-ion secondary battery
Lifetime:  8 - 10 years
Size:  Diam. 5.80 x t 1.65mm
Nominal voltage:  1.5 V
Capacity:  1.8 mAh

6. Charging time

- By fluorescent lamp, inside the office (700 Lx):   impossible for a full charge, 45 hours to operate steadily
- By fluorescent lamp, 30W / 20 cm (3'000 Lx):   ~85 hours for a full charge, 10 hours to operate steadily
- By Sunlight, cloudy weather (10'000 Lx):    ~25 hours for a full charge, 3 hours to operate steadily
- By Sunlight, fine weather (100'000 Lx):    ~4 hours for a full charge, 25 minutes to operate steadily
- Overcharge prevent function:    An overcharge prevents function is equipped to avoid deterioration and breakage of the secondary battery.

When charging the watch, do not place it too close to a fluorescent lamp or other light sources as the watch temperature will become extremely high, causing damage to the parts inside the watch.