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In the automobile industry, the demand for electric and hybrid cars is exploding. 
The watch industry often follows the car industry for new technologies and our inspiration is based on this trend. This is how we developed our DUAL-TIME HYBRID watch.

These new timekeeping instruments use the latest and the best electronic and mechanical technologies and are equipped with movements - POWERED BY CLEAN ENERGY.

The ASD-44 watches from TECHNIK 4X were developed and designed in Switzerland by Hans Peter Grädel. He is about bringing top quality driven by Swiss know-how in watch-design and technology at the unprecedented quality and price-point. 

The ASD-44 DUAL-TIME HYBRID watches from TECHNIK 4X are now available.

Using 2 separate movements from Japan, one AUTOMATIC movement from SEIKO/SII, and one SOLAR movement from EPSON – both POWERED BY CLEAN ENERGY – allow you to view - TWO DIFFERENT TIME ZONES.

• The mainspring of the AUTOMATIC model is charged by movements of the wrist and has a power reserve of about 40 hours. The accuracy range of the AUTOMATIC movement is between -5 and +20 seconds per day.

• The SOLAR movement uses sunlight to charge its secondary battery and has around 6 months of running time! The accuracy of the SOLAR movement is ±20 seconds per month. Charging the secondary (rechargeable) battery of a small watch with solar energy can help reducing pollution all over the world. A titanium lithium-ion secondary battery is less harmful in terms of pollution than common silver oxide non-rechargeable batteries, which are actually used in conventional quartz watches! 

Outstanding design, a new concept for the case, and anti-reflective coated sapphire crystals ensures the superior quality standard of the product and will contribute to its successful acceptance by end-users looking for watches with new technologies and environmental protection.

The diameter of the ASD-44 watches is 44.50 mm; the height is 11.45 mm; the weight is 86 gr with a nylon strap or 138 gr with a mèche bracelet. All our watches are water-resistant to 50 meters (5 ATM).